Basketball helps you grow taller

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) helps growth of an individual. Training and proper nutrition increases the secretion of HGH in the body. Basketball activities that include dribbling the ball, shooting the ball, jumping, rebounds, and running help a lot in the secretion of HGH. Basketball with various drills and stretches, when practiced under the supervision of a coach, also help in the secretion of HGH.

The primary step in basketball is dribbling the ball. Most of humans have one hand that dominates over the other. Dribbling the ball using the dominating hand is easier then using the weak hand. It is very important to improve the dribble with the both hands. When both the hands are used equal number of time, it helps in equal stretching and this in turn helps in increasing the player height. Basketball player should have good control of the ball, when he/she uses either hand, weak or strong, as it helps in avoiding steals from the opponents and gives a good offence.

Second step is shooting the ball properly. The ball is shot using the wrist and fingers of the dominating hand. The other hand is just used to support the position of the ball and should not be used in the shooting of the ball as it might worsen the direction of the ball. The arm holding the ball should go up straight, and the support of the other hand should be removed, when the arm reaches the top. When dominant arm is fully stretched, the ball should be released. This is another example of the hand and body getting stretched properly and also increasing of the player height.

Third step is jumping to collect rebounds. Even though tall players are assigned the job of collecting the rebounds during the game, all the players are taught how to collect the rebounds. Rebounding is an important factor in the outcome of the game. When a player is collecting rebounds, he/she is jumping a lot during the practice or the game. Jumping is really beneficial for the growth of the body.

Fourth step is running, with or without ball. You cannot win any sport without running. Running is very important. When you have the ball, you run to score. This way you can beat the defense of opponents. You have to run even without the ball, when your team has the possession, you have to run to cope up with your team mates’ offence, but if you are on the defensive side, you have to run and defend your basket from the opponents. Hence you run a lot in the game. This benefits your body as it stimulates the production of HGH.

When a person knows how to play basketball, there is a huge chance of him/her getting fascinated by dunking the basketball. Dunking is when a person plants the ball in the basket rather than throwing it from far. For that the wrist of the person should be above the rim as it will be impossible to dunk without that. Dunking requires a good jump and good stamina. A positive attitude and willpower can help the person in dunking along with proper jumping exercises. Even an attempt of going above the rim everyday will help you increase the jump. When a person will constantly jump to reach his/her target, it will help in the growth of the body.

Not only the thing mentioned above, but drills and stretches that are performed before or after the game also helped in the proper stretch of the body.
Overall basketball helps in increasing the height. Jumping involved is the main reason of growth of a person. So if you are looking forward to increase your height, try playing basketball as it will help you increase the height in a fun way. Along with this, proper diet and exercise is necessary to support the growth of the body.

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