Testimonials from YSBC Members

“We love YSBC!  coaches have a calm demeanor and keeps the kids listening and interested as they help them to improve at basketball.  It has been a pleasure watching all the kids improve their skills together and learn how to play as a team.  This club promotes a healthy community. My son looks forward to every practice and has a real passion for the game. ” (Tara and Esteban Izquierdo, June 07th 2016 – 16:00:45)

“We are very thankful for Coach Bosko for his dedication to the kids. My son not only has fun and learns the fundamentals of basketball, he is also beginning to understand teamwork. ” (Anita, April 23rd 2016 – 15:01:02)

“Dear Coaches,
 I’m very thankful that my daughter has come to play basketball at YSBC club. She is learning the game well picking up all the techniques quickly. Moreover, I’m very happy that the coaches are understanding and give individual attention to the kids. Your patience, constant encouragement along with all the fun exercises you offer is helping my daughter excel and enjoy the sport very much. 
Thank you,” (Hepsi Chand, April 21st 2016 – 22:00:38)

“Thank you very much.. We are very grateful for everything that you have done for our boys. They play nice basketball now. ” (Adam, November 13th 2015 – 16:20:57)

“Our daughter learn how to play and communicate within a team. We are so happy to see her being so confident. Thank you for teaching her all these tricks and dribbles. We will definitely continue in September. ” (Adele Hayer, September 12th 2015 – 17:24:56)

“Thank you for all you have done for our kid. He learn to be team player and gained better communication with other kids. Thank you so much. ” (Diane L, July 17th 2015 – 12:22:29)

“Dear Coaches, Thank you for coaching our boy good basketball skills and team play. He really enjoyed being the part of the team. You are patient with the kids, and you made a positive environment! Also, thank you for always showing up and sharing important information about our boy with us. ” (Christine Abon, June 03rd 2015 – 10:42:38)